White paper

Accumulation Fund

The GGWP project has the Accumulation Fund as its core. It sets the underlying value of the basic GGWP token. 

While managed by the holders, the Accumulation Fund due to its amount determines the GGWP market capitalization. 

If the Accumulation Fund had 1bln GGWP, for instance, it would be no sense in considerably low GGWP market capitalization, since eventually it would be shared among the holders. 

To start this process, the Accumulation Fund needs to be replenished by means of the ecosystem infrastructure. 

After all, the financial management would be carried out by the participants of the project with the system being sufficiently decentralized. 

All the internal transactions fee, Play-to-Earn, Staking and NFT transactions fee as well as TREASURE BOXES and KEYS purchase fee flow into the Accumulation Fund. 

Scalability of the accumulation fund

When the Accumulation Fund having been started, new monetization strategies would be possible. 

  • Here are some of them: 
  • Game cosmetics sales revenue
  • Fighters items skins
  • Calls and animation skins 
  • Tattoos and emotions. Rare emotions would be perfect for arena games
  • Entrance fee and tournament ticket 
  • Tournament system within every single game with a win