How to start


Step 1 «Install petra»

Go to petra website ( and install petra wallet.


Step 2 «Login in your account»

Go to GGWP "PERSONAL ACCOUNT", then press button "Login with Petra"


Step 3 «Testnet»

Switch you petra acoount to testnet.


Step 4 «Airdrop»

Use AIRDROP button at the Faucet in «wallet» tab to add 5000 GWP tokens to your test net account.



  • Open «FREEZING» tab and choose level
  • Press «FREEZE» button
  • Approve transaction


Step 6 «Get your GPASS»

  • «UNFREESE» your GGWP
  • Press «GET REWARD» button
  • Approve transaction and get your G-PASS


Step 7 «Start game»

  • Go to «GAME CENTER» and choose the game
  • Start new game
  • Approve transaction


Step 8 «Save you results in chain»

  • Press button «SAVE GAME IN CHAIN»
  • Approve transaction


Step 9 «Get you reward»