What is a GGWP Gateway?

It's a module for game projects integration into the GGWP ecosystem. Projects that are integrated into GGWP comply with our policy and use $GGWP and $GPASS tokens.

How to integrate my game into GGWP Gateway?

Check more information about it here

What does it take to start using the GGWP ecosystem?

Aptos wallet (example: Petra Wallet), GGWP tokens, freeze GGWP tokens.

How can I get a GPASS to play?

Freeze GGWP tokens

Where can I find out more about commissions and freezing tokens?

 You can find information about this in our whitepaper


Where can I read about the rewards for steaking?

Read about it in our Whitepaper in the "Steaking" section.

What types of nfts are there and what are their advantages?

Read about it in our Whitepaper in the "NFT" section.

GGWP is a community-driven GameFI ecosystem. Play-to-Earn, NFT and Staking technologies are integrated into the ecosystem, which allows users to maximize the potential of the ecosystem to earn profits from participating in the project

Victor Mironov, CEO