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What is GGWP?

What is GGWP?

We are GGWP and our mission is to create an opportunity for game developers and gamers to find each other. 
We don’t want to produce similar games with a flat plot. We are voting for various game mechanics, a safe ecosystem, and a new era of games — this time, in Web3.

What are we solving

For users
The user is not interested

Decentralization - aggregators and ecosystem platforms do not provide the necessary level of understanding of how the project closes the player's gaming needs.

The user is disoriented

Weak security controls - inexperienced players are not protected from fraudulent projects and do not have the opportunity to avoid contact with them.

The user is not protected

Numerous disparate features and blockchains cannot give to game creators the opportunity to fully focus on developing a quality product.

For developers
Developer is not focused

Numerous disparate features and blockchains cannot give to game creators the opportunity to fully focus on developing a quality product.

Developer has no support

GameFi market’ newbies cannot gather a primary audience on their own and resort to the help of marketing agencies and audience cheating, which negatively affects further organic growth.

Developer is demotivated

The game creator has to deal with fundraising for co-marketing and partnerships through trial and error. It increases the risk of “production hell” and the end of the seed investment period.

Game to Play

Game to Play

Our Solution

One Ecosystem to rule all game experience

One place
One registration
One pay

We took the best from the top gaming mechanics and brought it to the blockchain. Behold GGWP: Steam and Xbox GamePass for a crypto world.

On our site, the user doesn’t have to be afraid of scammers - we undertake the audit of the ecosystem participants and are personally responsible for their integrity.

The ecosystem unifies the registration model - players only need to complete a single profile for unlimited access to a constantly growing library of games from internal development and external studios (“single window” mode).

Our partners:

Xdao Xdao




Old school 2D turn-based fighting with unique game mechanics based on Aptos blockchain technology. Coming soon. 



Racing manager based on Aptos blockchain. Coming soon.



Real-time strategy. Browser game based on Aptos blockchain where the player explores, conquers territories, develops his state, and unites in alliances. Coming soon.


Victor Mironov
CFO, Co-founder
 Reres Reresim
Reres Reresim
CEO, Co-founder
Sergey Malyutin
Art Director, Co-founder
Kirill Kuzminykh
Blockchain developer
Chudinov Sergey
Frontend developer
Kulinkovich Oleg
Project manager
Malik Kutdusov
Nick Krasnoperov
Head of Marketing
Nikita Serebriakov
Unity Developer